guided ski touring (all levels)
high altitude fitness | yoga | active recovery

overnight cabane stays (adv groups & ADDITIONAL)

Private group retreats in norway - new for 2019/2020!

Take your training to new heights with our bespoke ski touring and high altitude fitness retreats. 

Injuries are common on the slopes. If you are used to sitting at a desk from 9-5 and now climbing the height of everest or preparing for the PDG then your body is going to need some pre and post help. We have created a mini, high tempo fitness retreat to help you get some serious elevation gain in your legs with a strategic recovery. From core conditioning to plyometric training, guided active recovery, yoga and systematic stretching; we have the perfect package for you. Perfect if you want to try something new this winter!


2019/2020 dates coming soon

480chf pp including:

  • Guided ski touring by a fully qualified professional (9am-12pm)

  • Ski specific fitness training and active recovery sessions (2-5pm)

  • Strength & conditioning bodyweight session

  • HIIT @ 2200m & interval training

  • Guided stretching & active recovery

  • x2 Yoga classes (including AERIAL!)


1-to-1 and private group fitness training with an in-chalet service as well as outdoor and studio space available for workouts. Whatever your goals our professional service can be tailored to your needs. Take the hassle out of planning your own training and let us guide you through innovative workouts and recovery sessions. From TRX to PNF stretching, high altitude running trails to body weight strength training, balance work to core conditioning, there's something for everyone of every fitness level.

Time efficient - we come to you. Effective training - highly experienced trainers. Fun, motivating & encouraging

1 hour 1-to-1 sessions - 100CHF / 1 hour private group sessions (max. 4 people) - 150 CHF



Stay fit and strong with our tailor made personal training sessions aligned to your goals. Whether your recovering from an injury, pre or post natal, or want to push your limits to the max. Sessions can include: high altitude HIIT, guided trail runs and hikes, power, strength, balance, agility & co-ordination.




We have a specific and systematic programme of active techniques whereby we can aid your recovery, allowing you to make the most of every ski day.
LISS (low Intensity Steady State) sessions are designed at 40-60% MHR to feed blood and oxygen to tired muscles and help reduce fatigue.



An easy thing to skip post skiing, but fundamental to aiding recovery. Assisted stretching using the PNF technique allows trainers to stretch out your muscles enabling greater range of movement. Guided and progressive stretching will focus on alignment and ensure your whole body recovers optimally.