3rd & 4th august, 2019, verbier - £299 / 370chf

Breathe, Hike, Hang, Stretch, Rotate, Balance, Play, Run, Flex, Jump, Connect, Strengthen

Alex Nino is one of the UK’s leading mobility and gymnastic strength coaches. His focus is on the quality of his client’s movement and in integrity with delivery. Originally from Colombia he brings positive energy and expert knowledge to the beautiful Swiss Alps.

This weekend retreat is for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in nature, work their whole body in new and inspiring ways, eat delicious food and expand their mind. This is an opportunity for challenge, connection and learning. All levels are welcome.

We offer educational daily workshops from Alex. Each day you will focus on something new; from handstand technique, understanding how to deepen your back bends, breath work, cold water immersion, spinal flexibility and gymnastic strength. This will be complemented with a beautiful and challenging hike in the Swiss Alps, and a healthy, balanced and nutritional lunch provided by our private chef.

Our philosophy is about disconnecting from the digital world, becoming mindful of your movement, challenging yourself and having fun with like minded people.

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Handstands and inversions - change your perspective

If you fall, I’ll be there’
The floor

Defy gravity with step by step instructions, synch your mind and body and overcome fear in a safe and supportive environment. Inversions allow you to build confidence and your capacity to sync your mind and body. Handstands reverse blood flow, energise your mind and shift internal perspective. Build your strength and balance with natural movements and feel the endorphins as a result.

Bend your back - taking back bends to your next level

‘Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape’ Michael McGriffy

Backbends have a powerful effect on your mind and body. Our spines are a source of incredible strength and flexibility. Regular backbends help us to protect this by increasing mobility and strength, and supporting the muscles around the skeleton. Our workshop will provide you with a step by step approach to deepening your back bend. From beginners to experts we have the next step for you.

Cold water immersion therapy & breath work

‘We can do more than we think’
Wim Hof

Cold water therapy is taken to the next level during our breath workshop and dip in a glacial lake at 2400m. The benefits are incredible from boosting your metabolism, improving your mood, reducing pain, reducing inflammation, boosting circulation and more. But perhaps the real power lies in the mental fortitude which will permeate to all aspects of your life.

High altitude HIKES - outdoor fitness training

We will hike between 2-4 hrs each day, between an altitude of 1500-2600m, exploring the stunning trails around Verbier’s south facing bowl. The benefits of hiking are immense, adding to a full body workout during the retreat. Hiking not only aids the improvement of cardiovascular strength and muscle toning, but also greatly helps to reduce stress, improve your mood, and overall leads to an enhanced mental wellbeing. This is a chance to work both your mind and body in a beautiful natural environment. The retreat is led by fitness experts Lottie and Emma in their home of Verbier, Switzerland.