It’s mental health awareness week and it’s fantastic that the stigma has now been removed from both men and women and people are talking about their struggles. There are a myriad of paralysing conditions that are a normal reaction to this fast paced modern life; from depression, anxiety, stress, panic, insomnia and more. Within any group of friends there will be sufferers.

Movement and exercise are powerful.

Feelings influence movement; this is obvious. But what is more amazing is how your movement influences your feelings. This incredibly allows us all to give some self prescribed therapy and simultaneously look after both our mental and physical health.


Why you should move more!

Exercise simultaneously soothes and improves the functioning of our central nervous system and releases endorphins meaning we feel good. Dr Carolyn Clark ‘movement is one of the simplest ways to reduce anxiety and stress and promote feelings of well being’.

Of course it is not, ‘one size fits all’ but anything that raises your heart rate a little, gets you outside, allows you to find flow or even forces you to not check your phone and be fully engaged is hugely beneficial. Doctors in Devon and Cornwall are prescribing surfing to young children who are suffering from poor mental health. There is also overwhelming evidence from a 2014 study on veterans with PTSD who found nature based physical therapy transformed their lives. This doesn’t have to be structured, formal or huge, just grab some trainers and take the first step.

Our ethos on our fitness retreats.

The mind-body is one and the bi directional effects are so huge. Although our retreats appear predominantly focused on physical activity and health, without a doubt our overall goal is to promote well being; both mental and physical. We are not interested in aesthetics or measuring weight loss; we are passionate about natural movement in the natural world, genuine connection and feeling good. We offer a varied, challenging programme in beautiful settings and aim to offer a fun and supportive environment to maximise enjoyment. A week to focus on your well being, find your flow and give yourself a break from your habits.