Has the wellness industry gone mad?

Don’t waste your cognitive capacity wondering whether you should make like a Kardashian and get a vitamin B12 shot in your bare booty for better health. Use your cerebral powers wisely and get back to basics for better health; your mind, body and wallet will thank you for it. 

The wellness industry is now worth £3 trillion worldwide and there is no sign of this slowing down.

Last week saw the inaugural Goop health summit hit London with tickets at £1000 for a day or £4500 for the weekend. Goop isn’t just about giving the spiritual guru Gwyneth something to do; she has built an empire worth a whopping $250m! The average consumer is left confused and poor! But what is quackery, quick fixes and pseudoscience v’s solid scientific based sustainable long term health benefits. 

Here are our tips on how to navigate the mad, contradictory wellness industry. 


Dodge like the plague - charcoal ice cream, don’t overdose on coconuts and avoid kombucha day long fests, oxygen facials (fresh air is cheaper and much more pleasant). Say no to a lavender infused double shot oat milk latte; get a grip and put the kettle on. Tea has a myriad of antioxidant benefits and you will not have an after taste of your grandmas dried flowers! Move over expensive cryotherapy; a cold bath or sea dip is accessible to all and has an array of anti inflammatory benefits. 

Eat local, eat fresh, move more, sit less, connect with your tribe.

Forget fads, quick fixes and anything that is imported from the amazon. Bye bye goji berries hello blackberry. Get into nature; ecotherapy, it is a thing and nature prescriptions are all the rage with doctors in the Shetland islands. You get the gist; you don’t need a prescription, go for a walk in the woods. Meditate; do you see the monks downloading the app? Breathing is the only thing that is voluntary and involuntary. Give it whirl. We know how to do it. Why complicate it. But do forgive yourself if you need a little help. 


You get the message. We are bombarded with contradictory messages no wonder we are confused. Slow down, tune in, think about how we used to live, find what makes you feel good, do it more. Simples.