SARDINIA, our best location yet!!? Read on for Emma's story on why we chose this incredible destination.

Is a fitness retreat what you need right now?

Incessant emails, an overflowing to do list, relentless rushing, fatigue, a fleeting mind; is the treadmill of modern life taking its toll? If you feel a desire to breathe, restore, move, be inspired, escape or simply press the pause button on this relentless ‘on call’ lifestyle then a fitness retreat based around an uninhabited remote beautiful island might be just what the doctor ordered!

Our incredible, hand-picked retreat locations.

All of our locations have been carefully hand-picked due to their unique natural environment. So what is so special about being on an island? Perhaps it’s the immersion in the expansive sea that puts everything into perspective? Perhaps it’s the unique views in every direction or perhaps it’s the feeling of slowing down and getting away from it all that modern living has prompted us to all crave.

Fitness retreat in La Maddalena archipelago, Sardinia.

This stunning archipelago is immersed in crystal clear turquoise waters, it has some of the most incredible hidden white sandy beaches, fantastic wild trails and breathtaking views in every direction. Our training takes places on the uninhabited island of Caprera. The rugged and wild landscape allows you to feel completely disconnected from the digital world. We explore this magical place by foot, by boat and by bike. Each mode testing your fitness and offering you a unique perspective.

We have searched for the perfect villa located on the water’s edge allowing a complete sense of calm while looking over the uninhabited islands. We have consciously designed the timetable to to be synchronised with the healing powers of nature; think sunrise yoga on a deserted beach, a plethora of wild trails, sea swims, sunset meditation from the highest lookout point and more.

These islands suspended between north east Sardinia and Corsica have something really special. A raw natural beauty, a unique energy and magical colours that are hard to describe. Here you really do feel like you have been placed in another world, and that in turn allows you to take some time out and view your own world from a new perspective. Our programme has been systematically structured to test your fitness but also give you some ‘me time’ to slow down, restore and reflect. This archipelago arguably has some of the most incredible beaches in the Mediterranean, if not the world. We have designed a retreat that we are so passionate and excited about we cannot wait to share it with you! To find out more click here!