Why wait for January.

So there is a distinct nip in the air, the fire is on and the woolly jumpers out. There is a tendency for us all to want to hibernate, miss your workouts and suspend all good intentions until January. We have 6 weeks until that dreaded hangover kicks in and instead of being faced with fear why don’t you kick start your regime now and defy the trend and head into 2018 already feeling fantastic.

Think like Rocky, toughen up and use this cold weather training to your advantage. Both your body, mind and xmas party dress will thank you for it. There are numerous benefits to working out in the cold. Clinical trials have proven that endurance sessions in cold temperatures burns more fat. Bye bye belly. Not only this you can strengthen your heart. The plunging temperatures forces the heart to work harder to distribute blood; therefore preparing your heart for more strenuous endurance sessions in the future. Not only will you soak up your daily vitamin D you will also benefit hugely from the endorphin effect. The harder you work the more feel good rewards you will reap.

Here are our top tips: Don’t over think it, make like a hardy Scotsman (think braveheart in Lycra), layer up, warm up, stay hydrated and get out there and feel great.

Happy training!

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