Natural human movement - let’s look at history for inspiration on how to stay strong, capable and fit for purpose.

As early at 3000 BC the Ancient Greeks were promoting physical education with a clear understanding of the link between ‘sound body, sound mind’. The belief was that PHYSICAL EDUCATION WAS A NECESSITY. The goal was to create a ‘man of action’.

In France in 1913 PE the ‘Herbetist’ way was a based on the concept; “BE STRONG TO BE USEFUL”. Pupils were not taught about aesthetics but about acquiring skills and physiological adaptations so they could be CAPABLE.

Natural human movement comprises locomotive skills such as walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, or swimming; manipulative skills such as lifting, carrying, throwing, and catching; and combative skills such as striking and grappling. These are evolutionary ways of movement that we must replicate to keep ourselves physically competent. Living in the mountains it is beyond apparent that you need to BE STRONG TO BE USEFUL. You can get stuck in a tree well in the powder and not have the core or upper body strength to lift yourself. You may need to dig or bootpack and it is fundamental for survival that you have the cardio strength to be capable to do this. As we all age we have to work harder to maintain this. But it’s as we age we need this more and more for survival.

Off+piste+boot+packing+verbier +skiing.jpg

It is clear throughout history that natural human movement was regarded not as an aesthetic option but a necessity. Now it is clear that there are huge cultural discrepancies in what is ‘attractive’. The motivation for movement has become distorted and is about the aesthetics and measurements as opposed to how you feel and function. It is clear now that the modern gym is entirely bizarre and unnatural and perhaps that is the underlying reason for lack of attendance. Running watching a screen on a hard flat surface with lack of visual stimuli or fresh air is a recipe for clock watching. Modern movement is constricting our bodies and our souls. Machines isolating muscle groups is a reductionist and restrictive approach to physical development, and slavishly following a mind-numbing routine for end goals is distracting us from the process and leaving our spirits flat. Using our bodies intuitively - like our monkey ancestors immersed in nature and in line with our evolutionary past is fundamental to efficient movement.

We hand pick our locations on our retreat so that they inspire you. The natural environment is so fundamentally important, from climbing mountains to barefoot sand sprints, par cours vita in the forest to sea swims you will test your body through functional movement. Working out in nature on varying terrain forces you to engage your mind. No physical competency is possible without awareness, alertness and focus. Mindful movement is an opportunity to reconnect the mind and body to the moment and your physical performance will benefit beyond measures.  On our retreats we aim to create natural strength, agility, speed, balance and a body that is FIT FOR PURPOSE and injury free.