Lottie and Emma, co-founders, met while living in Verbier. Both are passionate about outdoor fitness and qualified Level 3 personal trainers. Together they possess infectious energy, self- motivation and a zest for life that is contagious and will inspire you to reach your personal goals.

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Lottie Lac Louvie hike

Lottie Pridham


Personal Trainer, REP’s Level 3 Diploma  

Lottie is a highly qualified ski instructor and has been teaching skiing for many years in Verbier.  With reaching this level she has had to incorporate systematically considered fitness routines into her own training programmes and has a wealth of experience with training for specific goals.

Emma trail running in Cornwall

Emma Bodkin


Personal Trainer, REP’s Level 3 Diploma  

Emma studied Psychology at Leeds University. Her degree primarily focused on the modern mental health epidemics such as depression, stress and anxiety which sparked her interest in mental and physical well being.

Jo, our lovely, inspiring yoga teacher

Jo Chandler


Yoga Teacher

Jo’s classes are transformative, therapeutic and empowering. You will leave educated, aware and restored. Her hypnotic voice has a meditative effect from which you will learn fascinating facts about yoga and increased awareness about yourself.

Mountain man Alejandro

Alejandro Hernandez Hernando

Mountain Man

Alejandro is originally from Spain and has taught skiing all over the world. Charismatic and charming, if he is not scaling a glacier he can be found ice climbing or cycling to some remote place in the world! Not just a pretty face he is also fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and learning Chinese. He is also motivational and patient. Alejandro is a true mountain goat, a climbing guide and dab hand with logistics! He helps in our retreat by guiding our high altitude hikes.

Sarah, our inspirational and extremely talented chef

Sarah Sundstedt


..also a fitness fanatic

Sarah’s infectious enthusiasm for clean, nutritious, wholesome and tasty food is contagious.