Our luxury health and fitness retreats offer you a unique, exhilarating experience, an opportunity to escape your usual routine and dramatically transform your fitness, in magnificent locations. Our diverse approach incorporating a myriad of activities using whole body movements will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think and move in a different way. From running across cliff and mountain trails to practising yoga by the sea or a glacial lake, the whole experience will leave you feeling recharged, rejuvenated and ready for action.
We aim to create a strong, efficient, injury free body that is fit for purpose and aligned to your individual goals. Our educational retreats will change your perspective, challenge your body and refresh your mind.


We believe it is short sighted to view the mind and body as two separate entities. Which is why focusing on natural movement in a natural environment will be guaranteed to boost your mental health as well as your physical. Our vision is to offer an experience incomparable to any other. The all-encompassing landscape will allow you to ‘switch off’ from your daily stressors and truly submerge yourself in a mind and body transformation. Whether your goals are improved physical performance, escapism or weight loss; our retreats will give your whole body the MOT it deserves. Primarily we focus on your wellbeing through natural movement and outdoor fitness combined with fresh healing nutrition.

  • Training for a stronger, leaner and agile body

  • Optimising personal performance and pushing boundaries

  • Mindful movement, enhanced flexibility and greater body awareness

  • Fresh nourishing meals with the highest quality ingredients

  • Educational and nutritional cooking lessons

  • Exhilarating scenery as a backdrop for work outs